Thursday, July 7, 2011

Netbook is a bad tool for learning


I think net-book is not a great tool for learning . It is a distracted tool for our learning . You never know what kids might be doing when they are on their net book . They might look like they are doing their work but they are actually not . They might be chatting to other’s . Which will make other’s lose personal connection .

Their are a lot of bad sites that I or other’s might go into . There is You tube ,Face book and Lot's of other websites that are not blocked . Face book is a bad sites for kids because Lot's of people gets bullied from it . You tube is not blocked because its the feeder of google . There are games that kids or I might play during class or lessons . Their might be suitable games but some other people might choose to do bad or rude games . Plus if you’re child spend too much time on their net-book they might have sore eyes like what your eyes will feel when you are cutting an onion.

I know most of yous think that net-book is good for learning because you don't need to use a book or pencil . But I Brandy personally think that it’s not good for learning it is a distraction to most people like me . It is a craving tool that is why is dedicated to responsible people, like adults .

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