Friday, August 26, 2011

This week I have been practicing using tidy number to solve an equation.I feel really confident to use this strategy to solve other problem.
For e.g

The first time I took my net book home

I screamed in my head. The moment has finally come. For all of us to take our net-book home. I was so excited. That I couldn't stop smiling. Eventually I had to stop. Taking my net-book home,looking after it carefully and treating it with respect.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Real Talents

Last Friday St Pius X Catholic School had a Talent Show. As I sat down on the floor. I felt very excited to watch my friends perform. The parents were sitting on the chairs. They were waiting for their children to perform. Then Lavinia and Robertanna (OUR M.C.S) came and announced who was up next. Their was a dead silence. Then they started to sing their song.

Everyone was so excited that they wouldn't stop cheering. Me and Jessica were singing from the crowd. We were encouraging them to not be shy because some of them were crying. Their performance was really inspiring and entertaining.

Room 7 went on stage and finished off the show. We sang “As we gather,” Then it was finished we had fish and chips. It nearly the end of the day. I really had fun. I hope other kids had fun too.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Zoo

In the holiday my family and I went to the Auckland Zoo . It was a long way drive but we managed to get there safely. When we arrived we had to wait at the back of this long queue. Finally we got our tickets then we went through the gates.

First thing we went to see was the Giraffes with their long neck then we moved onto the Zebras to see their black and white stripes . The tigers were put in this big hole so they can’t escape. After we went for a little snack . Then the Journey began again looking everywhere. The one thing that caught my eye were the turtles they were massive .

After we went to Sylvia Park, We explored all the stores. The stuff were amazing and fantastic . While me and my cousin were ordering our food my other cousins were looking for our seats . The food was delicious and yummy. We were full at the end that we couldn’t even walk.

Finally our Journey has ended . We returned home quickly before the sun went down. “That was fun” I told my cousins. “Yeah that was fun” she replied in tiring way.

My highlight

My highlight was when we had to swim from side to side. It was really difficult for me. I couldn’t do it so I keep popping my head up to breathe. At the end I managed to pull myself together and do it properly. I'm really looking forward to swim in our portable swimming pool again.