Thursday, August 25, 2011

Real Talents

Last Friday St Pius X Catholic School had a Talent Show. As I sat down on the floor. I felt very excited to watch my friends perform. The parents were sitting on the chairs. They were waiting for their children to perform. Then Lavinia and Robertanna (OUR M.C.S) came and announced who was up next. Their was a dead silence. Then they started to sing their song.

Everyone was so excited that they wouldn't stop cheering. Me and Jessica were singing from the crowd. We were encouraging them to not be shy because some of them were crying. Their performance was really inspiring and entertaining.

Room 7 went on stage and finished off the show. We sang “As we gather,” Then it was finished we had fish and chips. It nearly the end of the day. I really had fun. I hope other kids had fun too.

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