Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Athletics day

After morning tea everyone was all dressed in their house colours because it’s athletics day .They were all colourful and really bright.
Everyone was excited . There were buzzing noise everywhere.
There were cheering and shouting. Children laughing and yelling at each other. Houses did their chant and were singing.
The races began. A sudden quiet came upon the crowd. I could see nervous children sitting quietly. They waited for their turn.
My turn came up. It felt like horror racing them. They were really competitive girls. When Mr Gaffney said “Are you ready girls”. I just stood there frozen like a tree. “BOOM” the bricks clapped into each other. Off I ran as fast as I could. When I got to the finish line I came 3rd.
The end of the day came . And it was time for the houses to sing their chant. All the houses sang their house chant beautifully. But their only has to be one winner. And that was “GECKOS”. All the other houses were disappointed. Then the bell rang . School is finished.

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