Thursday, March 17, 2011

Special Netbook day

YAY!!Today is the day we get to see and feel our own little netboook.Everyone were all excited and happy just like me.

When Miss G came into room 7 after morning tea we were all sitting in our desk quietly waiting

for her to hand out our own netbook.After our principal and Miss G told us the rules.They handed out our netbook when we got it,it was in a packet so we have to open it.After we count from 10-1 we have to turn it on.When we turned it on I was so excited because right infront of me was my own little netbook.When we were logging we have to type in our 8-digit password so that we can get through when we did we played on the games for 15 minutes.

After we played with our notebook we logged off because it was time for lunch.

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